Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a devastating toll. Lives have been lost. Countless more people have been sick. But there’s hope: Thanks, in part, to the research efforts of Rutgers University, COVID-19 vaccines are making it possible for us to move forward safely and return to many of the things we've been missing.

To receive the vaccine, you may register on the New Jersey Vaccine Scheduling System. To learn more, visit the New Jersey Department of Health's COVID-19 Vaccine information hub.

Rutgers faculty, staff, and students with a NetID can schedule a vaccination appointment at a Rutgers vaccination site by completing an online form.

Get Vaccinated

Rutgers University is also offering free COVID-19 vaccines to eligible individuals at clinics in Camden, Newark, and Piscataway. No insurance card is required, and walk-ins are now accepted. If you prefer to make an appointment or need help scheduling an appointment at the clinic location closest to you, call Rutgers’ Vaccine Scheduling Assistance Program at 848-445-3033, Monday-Friday from 9 am - 5 pm:

Camden: Campus Center, Lower Level, Raptor Roost Room 001, 326 Penn St., Camden
Newark: 180 University Avenue, Ackerson Hall, Rm. 101, Newark, NJ 07102
Piscataway: Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, 160 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway

Call the Vaccine Scheduling Assistance Program

Vaccinations are the best way to move forward safely and return to many of the things we've been missing. So join more than half of your fellow New Jerseyans and get vaccinated.

Frequently Asked Questions

The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective and protect the person receiving it and those around them. When coupled with other COVID-19 safety protocols like hand washing, social distancing, and wearing a face covering, receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is one of the most effective things you can do to help New Jersey, the nation, and the world return to normal.

To learn more about if you are eligible to receive the vaccine, visit the New Jersey Department of Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine information hub.

If you are eligible for the vaccine, you may find a vaccine site near you on the New Jersey Department of Health's COVID-19 Vaccine information hub and make an appointment, or call the Rutgers Vaccine Helpline at 848-445-3033, Monday-Friday from 9 am - 5 pm,  to schedule an appointment at one of three campus locations near you.

Rutgers Vaccine Clinic Locations


Camden Campus Center
326 Penn Street Camden, NJ 08102
Parking is available at Lot 14.Use the linked parking directions.


Woodward Residence Hall and Stonsby Dining Facility
91 Bleeker Street Newark, NJ 07102
Parking is available at Parking Deck 1. Use the linked parking directions.

New Brunswick/Piscataway

William Levine Hall – Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
160 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Parking is available at lots 58, 58A and 58B. Use the linked parking directions.

Rutgers Health has played a key role in the fight against COVID-19, partnering with the state of New Jersey on contact tracing to keep our communities safe and well, participating in clinical trials to help develop COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, and leading the charge to end the pandemic.

Visit Rutgers United to learn more about how Rutgers is united in the fight against COVID-19.