Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center

The Rutgers Health Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center helps children and adults overcome sleep issues and embrace a full life. The Sleep Disorders Center has accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and is one of only a handful of facilities in New Jersey that perform comprehensive pediatric sleep studies for children from birth to age 18. The center also serves children with special needs and those with high-risk health conditions.

The center includes a multidisciplinary staff of specialists in dentistry, otolaryngology, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, and pulmonary medicine. Operating under the supervision of board-certified sleep physicians, we can address your family’s health needs that may have a connection to sleep disorders.

Sleep Study

A sleep study, or polysomnogram, is a comprehensive recording of your child’s sleep. It is noninvasive and painless, and assesses your child’s sleep pattern, breathing disruptions, heart rhythms, leg movements, oxygen levels, and snoring. The center has accommodations for parents to stay with children to make both feel more comfortable. Your physician, along with our sleep center team, will review the study and recommend a treatment plan for your child.

Sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), can be detrimental to a child’s growth and development, especially in school. However, studies show that proper treatment of OSA can lead to significant improvements in school performance.

Be aware of sleep disorders symptoms, which may include:

  • Bedwetting
  • Behavioral problems
  • Choking and gasping in sleep
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Failure to gain weight
  • Mouth breathing
  • Night sweats
  • Night terrors
  • Nightmares
  • Periodic limb movements
  • Restless sleep
  • Sleepwalking
  • Snoring
  • Struggling to breathe
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism)

Physicians who serve the Rutgers Health Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center are faculty members of Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, a part of Rutgers University, one of the top research institutions in America. Our doctors are active in research and in teaching about all aspects of pediatric and sleep medicine. Each brings leading-edge knowledge from the classroom to the exam room.

If you are the parent of a child who may be experiencing sleep disruption or conditions that may relate to sleep disorders, please make an appointment with the Rutgers Health Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center today.