Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Center of New Jersey

The Rutgers Health Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Center of New Jersey (SCNJ) helps parents and families who have been affected by the death of a child from SIDS. Families may gain referral to the center from a medical examiner’s office, emergency room staff, attending physicians, or other parents immediately following the death of an infant.

SCNJ arranges for telephone support services, educational mailings, home visits by specially trained counselors, access to sibling groups, as well as referrals to peer-support groups and faith-based systems. There is no charge for the services.

The sudden unexpected infant death rate in New Jersey is among the lowest in the nation, and SCNJ operates on behalf of the New Jersey Department of Health to provide risk-reduction and preventive education programs throughout the state to help keep the rate low. SCNJ offers educational programs to birthing hospitals, clinics, social service and child care programs, health care providers, social service caseworkers, maternal and child health consortia, first responders, home visitors, and other providers, and provides systems that promote infant safe sleep education and practices. 

If you are a parent or are part of a family that has been affected by SIDS, please reach out to the Rutgers Health SIDS Center of New Jersey today.