Appointments and Contact Information

Rutgers Health has a number of ways to request an appointment with our outstanding physicians and practices. Various phone numbers and email addresses are listed below to help you connect. If you do not see a phone number or email address listed for the practice or specialty you are trying to reach, please consider contacting the practice directly or consult the information that you may have been provided by a referring physician or medical practice.

For more information about existing appointments, please read our revised guidelines for your next appointment.

For Primary and Specialty Care in Newark, NJ and Surrounding Areas

For Medical Records in Newark, NJ and Surrounding Areas

For Primary and Specialty Care in New Brunswick, NJ and Surrounding Areas

  • Phone: 888-724-7123

For Medical Records in New Brunswick and Surrounding Areas

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey


  • New Brunswick, NJ: 732-235-5050
  • Newark, NJ: 973-972-2444
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Dental Care Clinics (Newark, NJ)

University Behavioral Health Care    

Rutgers Student Health