Rutgers Health Defers Medical Bills for Furloughed Federal Employees, Families

Effective immediately, all* Rutgers Health facilities will defer all copays, deductibles, and balances due for furloughed federal employees and their dependents for any services provided at a Rutgers facility or by a Rutgers provider.

Deferment will be made available to all federal employees and dependents who provide proof of federal employment or documentation of furloughed status upon receiving a bill and will be in effect for one month after the furlough ends.

“As one of the largest health care provider groups in New Jersey, we want our neighbors and the communities we serve to know that they can count on us for uninterrupted care during this stressful time,” said Brian Strom, chancellor of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences and executive vice president for Health Affairs at Rutgers University.

“Our providers are committed to caring for their patients and encourage those affected by the federal shutdown to keep the appointments they have scheduled and seek out care they may need at this time,” said Vicente Gracias, senior vice chancellor for Clinical Affairs at RBHS and president at Rutgers Health Group.

*Rutgers School of Dental Medicine will defer most payments, please check with your provider to confirm.


John Cramer
[email protected]