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Research In Focus

From Bench to Bedside and Beyond

Basic, clinical, translational, and population health research at Rutgers Health aims to improve patient and community health by accelerating basic science discoveries made in the laboratory (“bench”) to their application in clinical practice (“bedside”) and in the community and policy (“beyond”).


Basic Research

Basic biomedical research advances our foundational knowledge about the mechanisms that affect development and function, ranging from individual molecules to the many complexities of human life, including diseases and other factors.

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Translational Research

Translational research aims to bring knowledge and discovery generated through basic research into real-world clinical settings.

The Rutgers Institute for Translational Medicine and Science (RITMS) is an interdisciplinary program that combines expertise in cellular, molecular, genetic, and clinical science.

New Jersey Accelerates Clinical and Translational Sciences (NJACTS) supports clinical and translational research at Rutgers by providing expertise and other resources, and enhancing the public’s understanding of science.

Two researchers wearing white coats work in a lab

Population Health Research 

Population health research focuses on factors that influence the health of entire populations or groups of people. It addresses the distribution and determinants of health outcomes, potential health disparities among subgroups, and the impacts of different policies and interventions.

Crowd of people walking in the street
Two researchers wearing white coats work in a lab
Crowd of people walking in the street